The Nioxin Hair Challenge.

Good Morning Darlings,

Long Luscious Locks…..? It’s always been my dream to have natural long blonde hair, yes I am a natural blonde hair with the EXTRA added highlights… But, I have always struggled with the length of my hair. It’s gets to a certain length (roughly the length now in my progress shot.) Then, THAT’S IT! It depresses me. I have experimented with hair extensions. I have plenty of sets of clip in extensions stored at home and also I have tried mirco-beaded.

I do love extentions, thank god for their existences and the many hair stylists who invented hair extentions. But at the same time, it’s not the same as having your own natural locks. I do prefer clip-in extensions, because I find clip in’s a lot easier to maintain. Mirco-beads are nice, but I found when washing my hair, the extentions would aborsb water and become quite heavy. The extensions become quite itchy, and annoying (especially when sleeping). That’s a positive with clip in, it’s easy and simple to apply and take out. It’s recommened to stay clear from oceans and pools with mirco-beads….. well personally I have trouble avoiding a quick dip. Both hair extensions do have their positives and negatives, depending on our personal opinions. That’s why I have decided to experiment with Nioxin products.

My best friend Maddie introduced me to this product. She was using the product for a couple of months and I noticed the dramatic growth in her hair. I was shocked, her hair was looking like long luscious locks. I straight away wanted the product for my hair. Until she mentioned the price… Well the pricing of Nioxin is quite expensive for a shampoo and conditioner. The results seem worth it from what I have seen. But only if you have the spare change for the product. In stores the shampoo is average $70-80, the conditioner $90-$100 and the treament $60. 

I purchased all the products on the 22nd of July, took my progress shots this day as well. So far, I have used the products around 4 times. I wash my hair every second night. I have been using the product every wash. I gently massage the shampoo and conditioner into the roots of my hair and the ends of my hair I use my traditional shampoo and conditioner. Before using this product I never put conditioner in the roots because I found that conditioner makes my hair oily. After washing and rinsing, I give my hair a light towel dry. Then apply the treatment spray. The treatment spray is only in a tiny bottle, I only spray three times. Each wash I try and alternate where I spray. The trick with the treatment is to spray and then massage gently. Because the product is expensive I have been using the product wisely. Next week I will be decreasing the amount of times I wash the product with my hair. Alternating nights with my traditional shampoo and conditioner. My hair dresser advised me that after a month I should see results. This is what I am hoping for.

I am a believer in Moroccanoil, I regularly use twice after washing my hair. Straight after when my hair is slightly damp and when my hair is dry and straightened.

I have noticed a couple of changes with using Nioxin, firstly I believe my hair has been getting oily quickly, compared to usual. I think once I start switching up with using my traditional shampoo and conditioner, it will go back to normal. I have also noticed the volume and the way my hair sits has changed. I think it’s due to the direction I have been applying the product into my hair. I will be trying differently and seeing if results change. The smell of the product is like a real strong mint flavour. Not particularly my favourite but Ill manage.

Feel free to ask any questions.

I will be keeping updates, and posting the hopeful results.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous asked:
what does unravelingmysteries mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

'unraveling mysteries' is just a saying I came up with. Also, no I don't get paid for blogging. I do it for fun. I've been extremely slack lately, been busy with my studying. Hopefully, I will get back into routine again. Lovely, if you have any more questions, just ask away! Thank you darling :)